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The podcast for everyone who knows conventional wisdom stinks. The Other Washington is a Seattle-based podcast that takes a deep dive into a single policy issue each episode. Listen to venture capitalist Nick Hanauer and his team of political troublemakers explain and explore how policies work, how they don’t, and how conventional politics often gets in the way of implementing effective policies.
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Jun 22, 2017

Ever since America lowered the voting age from 21 to 18, Democrats have struggled to bring young people to the ballot box. When more young folks vote, progressive causes and candidates win. So how do we encourage them to be full participants in democracy? Special guest star Toby Crittenden, until recently the executive director of political access organization the Washington Bus, explains how to win the hearts and minds of young voters. Political engagement is a lot more difficult than just slapping on a Rock the Vote t-shirt: turns out, Crittenden explains, "you can't fake the funk."


Jun 16, 2017

Given this week's tragic shooting, we are re-airing last season's episode on gun responsibility. Unfortunately, much of what we talked about a year ago is still relevant today. So join us for a deep dive into the forefront of the gun responsibility movement and explore how Washington became the first state to pass universal background checks by popular vote.


Jun 8, 2017

The 2016 election made it clear that Democrats still lack a coherent economic message. Why can’t progressives offer a better explanation for how an economy works? To get some answers, Goldy interviewed the new DNC Chair, Tom Perez, while he was visiting Seattle last week. Nestled up in a hotel lobby, Perez provided a very compelling explanation for the party’s economic woes. With that conversation in mind, the Civic Ventures team discusses the Democratic Party’s many messaging opportunities in the years to come.

Jun 1, 2017

Donald Trump has unveiled his budget, and boy are we livid (particularly Goldy.) Tax cuts for the rich, increased military spending, and a weakened social's a trickle-down monstrosity through and through. In today's show, we talk with Nick Hanauer (a really rich guy who would benefit from this budget) about the moral and economic depravity of this budget. And Cass tries in vain to find one good policy in it.